Thực Đơn Nhà Hàng L'olivo Italian Bistro

31 Tháng Giêng 20136:01 CH(Xem: 15900)
Địa chỉ: 333 N. Palm Canyon Dr. #105 Palm Spring, CA 92262
Điện thoại: (760) 327-0382
Thực Đơn - Menu
Lunch Menu
Small: $6.95- Large: $7.95
(rice noodle soup cooked with beef bones and herbs)

Pho Tai
with slices of rare beef round steak.
Pho Nam
with slices of well done cooked beef shank.
Pho Tai Nam
with rare and cooked beef shank.
Pho Bo Vien
with beef meat ball.
Pho Tai Gan
with slices of rare beef round and tendon.
Pho Nam Gan
with slices of cooked beef shank and tendon.
Pho Dac Biet
(*large side only) with rare, shank, tendon and meat ball.
Pho Duoi Bo
(*large side only) with tender ox tail(s).
Pho Ga
with shredded chicken breast tenders (white meat).
Pho Dui Ga
with slices of chicken leg (dark meat).
Mien Ga
clear vermicelli noodle with shredded chicken breast tenders.
Mien Dui Ga
clear vermicelli noodles with slices of chicken leg (dark meat).

Hu Tieu & Mi (Nuoc Hay Kho / With Broth Or Dried)
Small: $6.95- Large: $7.95
( rice or egg noodle cooked in pork bones and herbs)

Mi Heo Xa Xiu
egg noodle with slices of roasted pork.
Mi Ga
egg noodle with shredded chicken (white meat).
Mi Do Bien
egg noodle with shrimps, fish balls, calamari.
Mi Bo Vien
egg noodle with beef meat balls.
Mi Dac Biet
(Large side only) egg noodle with sea food, pork, boiled egg, wonton.
Mi Hoanh Thanh
egg noodle with in house-made pork, wontons.
Canh Hoanh Thanh
wonton soup made with pork and shrimps.
Hu Tieu Bo Vien
rice noodle with beef meat balls.
Hu Tieu Do Bien
rice noodle with shrimps, fish balls, calamari.
Hu Tieu Ga
rice noodle with shredded chicken (white meat).
Hu Tieu Heo Xa Xiu
rice noodle with slices of roasted pork.
Hu Tieu Dac Biet
(Large side only) rice noodle with combo of sea food, pork, egg, wonton.

Com Phan (rice plates)
All plates are served with one bowl of white rice. Extra bowl please add $1.00

Com Ga Kho Xa Nuoc Dua ( chicken with lemon grass)
Quarter leg chicken cooked with lemon grass and coconut juice.
Com Ga Ham Nam Dong Co (chicken with mushrooms)
Quarter leg chicken stewed with shitake and straw mushrooms sauce.
Com Ga Hap Muoi Gung (chicken with gingers)
Quarter leg chicken simmered with salt and fresh gingers sauce .
Com Ga Ro-Ti (chicken with onions and coconut juice)
Quarter leg chicken cooked with garlic, sweet onions and coconut juice.
Com Suon Chien Xa (4) (pork ribs with lemon grass)
Pork spare ribs fried with garlic and lemon grass.
Com Bap Cai Nhoi Thit Heo (stewed cabbage with pork)
Cabbage wraps with grounded pork and cooked with onions.
Thit Heo Kho Cu Cai Nuoc Dua (pork stewed in coconut juice)
Pork stewed in coconut juice with boiled eggs, tofu and Daikon.
Com Cu Xu Nhoi Tom Ham (chayote with shrimps and onions)
Squash chayote stuffed with shrimp paste, simmered with garlic and onions.
Com Ca Chua Xao Thit Bo (beef and tomatoes)
Sautéed fresh tomatoes, garlic, onions and slices of marinated beef.
Com Tom Xao Cai Be Xanh Tau Hu (shrimps with tofu and greens)
Sautéed green Yu-choy, onions, tofu and shrimps.
Com Chien Chay (vegetarian fried rice)
Fried rice with green peas, carrot, corns, tofu, garlic and onions.
Cam Chien Thap Cam (fried rice with shrimps, chicken, and veggies)
Fried rice with green peas, carrot, corns, baby shrimps and shredded chicken.

Do Khai Vi (Appetizers)
Goi Du Du (Green papaya salad)
Green papaya shredded with beef jerky, crushed peanut and herbs.
Goi Xoai (Mango salad)
Mango shredded with cucumber, topped with dried shredded shrimps and egg.
Goi Buoi (Grape fruit salad)
Grape fruit mixed with shredded carrots, daikons, cucumbers and shrimps.
Goi Thom (Pineapple salad)
Pineapple bits mixed with bacons, cucumber, tomatoes and herbs
Goi Bap Cai (Cabbage salad)
Cabbage shredded with cilantro, chicken, and onions.
Sa Lach Bo (Beef salad)
Butter leaf salad with sautéed beef and onions.
Chao Tom Banh Hoi (Shrimps paste balls)
Shrimp paste balls grilled and served with vermicelli and herbs.
Cha Gio (Egg rolls / 3)
Fried egg rolls served with vermicelli and herbs.
Goi Cuon (Spring rolls /3)
Rice paper rolls with shrimps, sweet bacons, vermicelli and fresh herbs.

Dinner Menu
Spaghetti Meatballs
Our homemade meatballs and spaghetti colled in a light tomato sauce.
Capellini Alla Checca
Angel hair pasta with fresh diced tomatoes, garlic and basil cooked with a light extra virgin olive oil.
Capellini "NDUJA"
L'Olivo specialty for spicy lover. Our homemade Nduja, fresh diced tomatoes, garlic, and basil cooked with extra virgin olive oil.
Capellini Mare E Monti
Angle hair pasta, with wild mushrooms, sea scallops, jumbo shrimps flambéed in brandy and cooked with a light tomato sauce.
Penne cooked in a spicy tomato sauce, garlic and topped with grilled chicken tenders.
Penne Alla Dante
Penne, sundried tomato, roasted bell pepper, and topped with chicken tenders.
Rigatoni Puttanesca
Light tomato sauce, capers, and kalamata olivers.
Spaghetti "All" Amatriciana
Traditional Roman "Amatriciana style". Fresh tomato sauce, onions and pancetta Italian bacon.
Spaghetti Carbonara
Traditional carbonara style pasta noodle cooked with white wine sauce, egg yolk and pancetta Italian bacon.
Pappardelle Alla Bolognese
Large fresh pasta noodle with a light Bolognese sauce.
Fettuccine Alfredo
Fettuccini pasta in alfredo sauce topped with grilled chicken tenders.
Linguini Al Pesto Genovese
Thin flat pasta in a classic Genovese basil pesto sauce, green beans, pine-nuts, and topped grilled chicken tenders.
Linguini Cozze E Vongole
Thin flat pasta with mussels and clams cooked in your choice of either a light tomato sauce or a white wine sauce.
Flavorful mix of seafood (clams, mussels, sea-scallops, red snapper, calamari, and jumbo shrimps) cooked in a light tomato sauce over a bed of linguini pasta.
Lasagna Emiliana
Traditional Bolognese style lasagna.
Eggplant Parmigiana
Layers of fresh eggplants, parmesan cheese, and mozzarella cheese in a light tomato sauce.
Ravioli Al Formaggio
Jumbo ravioli filled with cheese in tomato sauce with fresh spinach.
Tortelloni Al Mascarpone
Jumbo tortelloni shape pasta filled with Mascarpone cheese and fresh herbs in an Aurora pink sauce with sweet peas and ham.

Tomato sauce pizza topped with mozzarella and fresh cut basil.
Tomato sauce pizza topped with roasted garlic topped with fresh basil and oregano (no cheese).
Tomato sauce pizza topped with mozzarella, anchovies and fresh oregano.
Tomato sauce pizza topped with mozzarella, L'Olivo pepperoni and fresh oregano.
Tomato sauce pizza topped with mozzarella, artichokes, kalamata olives, and ham.
Prosciutto Cotto E Funghi
Tomato sauce pizza topped with mozzarella cheese, L'Olivo housecured prosciutto, and wild mushrooms.
Tomato sauce pizza topped with mozzarella, grilled zucchini, carrots, onions, and mushrooms.
Quattro Stagioni
Margherita pizza divided into four sections, each section topped separately with Italian ham, Mushrooms, artichokes, and kalamata olives.
Prosciutto crudo, arugula, parmigiano reggianno, mozzarella with an olive oil base.
Frutti di Mare
Tomato sauce pizza topped with mozzarella and a delicious mix of seafood.

18% Gratuity included on parties of 6 or more.

Pollo Alla Griglia
Grilled chicken breast seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs.
Pollo Piccata
Chicken breast, capers cooked in a white wine and lemon sauce.
Pollo Al Marsala
Sauteed Chicken breast and wild mushrooms cooked in a Marsala wine sauce.
Petto Di Pollo Saltimbocca
Pan seared chiken breast prosciutto and sage in a white wine sauce.
Pollo Alla Parmigiana
Breaded chiken breast lightly fried then baked in our tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese.
Misto Alla Griglia
Mixed Grill, chiken breast seasoned with Italian herbs, Italian Suasage and jumbo Shrimps.
Tagliata Di Manzo
Grilled New York sliced and served on a bed of arugula and mushrooms fressed with a touch of balsamic vinegarette.
New York Steak Sinatra
Grilled New York steak served with roasted peppers and jumbo shrimps.
Salmone Alla Griglia
Grilled Alaskan wild salmon.
Toasted slices of our homemade bread topped with chopped fresh, basil, garlic, mozzarella and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.
Fresh slices of mozzarella, tomatoes, and drizzled in extra virgin olive oil.
Antipasto Di Affettati
Assortment of our house cured cold cuts (ask your server about ourcurrent cold cuts selection).
Assorted grilled vegetables tossed with balsamic vinaigrette and extra virgin olive oil.
L'Olivo house cured beef tenderloin, shaved parmigiano, and extra virgin olive oil
Prosciutto E Melone
Our house Prosciutto, cured nine months to perfection, with cantaloupe.
Carpaccio Di Manzo Con Arugula E Parmigiano
Seasoned thinly sliced beef with arugula, shaved parmigiano, and capers, drizzled with lemon and extra virgin olive oil.
Calamari Fritti
Fried calamari served with spicy cocktail sauce.
Misto Fritto
Fried and mozzarella cheese sticks calamari shrimps, zuchini.
Shrimp Cocktail
Boiled jumbo shrimps served with spicy cocktail sauce.
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